Monday, March 27, 2017

3mm Sci-Fi Update: Team Claymore Anti-Grav Armor (Redux)

Five or six years ago, I began making some 3mm-scale proxy vehicles for OGRE/GEV, which then lead to me making a number of 3mm-scale sci-fi vehicle lines.  Many of my early attempts were... rough.  So, I occasionally go back and revise them.

Here is Team Claymore, which was my first anti-grav offering.  The overall shape felt very fast-zippy-killy, which was awesome, but nothing beyond that lent anything aesthetically pleasing to them.  So, I added a few details and am going to re-upload them to Shapeways.


For a size comparison, here are two Team Claymore vehicles alongside two of my modern Russian vehicles:

And now some individual glamour shots.

These will be available in a sampler pack, a task force (as shown below), and a tanks-and-IFVs set.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

6mm Civilian Sci-Fi Cars

Following up on the Maguffin Motors futuristic trucking post from a couple years ago, here are some sci-fi civilian vehicles for 6mm gaming.

Maguffin's first entry for the 2079 season is the Geriatrica, a solid sedan designed for our customers in their golden years.   Broken hip?  No hip?  No problem!  The Geriatrica is low to the ground and has a ride as smooth and quite as a hearse!

The Roo is geared towards those grav-soccer moms, dads, droid caretakers, and persons of indeterminate gender with child-rearing responsibilities.  With dual-side sliding doors and our patent-pending Cry-B-Gone white noise generator, the Roo is perfect for trips to the park, school, divorce court, or wherever your youngin's need to go.

Adapted from our successful military scout vehicle, the Earp is an armored, high-speed pursuit vehicle that is equally at home screaming down the highway or providing hard cover during the latest gunfight at the office.

The Bogdan is Maguffin's eagerly-awaited light pickup truck and off-road recreational vehicle.  With its narrow wheel base and high center of gravity, it will roll you over with fun!

Looking for something fun, sporty, and affordable?  Look no further!  The T-Bone is our popular all-electric commuter that seats two in a front-back configuration.

Maguffin is proud to reintroduce the 2079 Testosterossa, with new styling, lots of features, and an engine governor that is in complete compliance with the 2078 class-action settlement (please note that recipients of settlement funds are not eligible to purchase the Testosterossa). 

For those who want a smooth, quiet ride and plenty of cargo space, the Puffin is the only GEV in Maguffin's 2079 civilian car line-up.  Don't let those misleading stories of long stopping distances dissuade you!  The Puffin is a solid classic suitable for all endeavors.

Nothing says "I'm trying desperately to recapture my youth!" like our new Broadhead sportster! Literally, the onboard computer greets you with that every time you get in.  It's not a bug;  it's a feature.

The Deckard is an exciting retro addition to our public safety lineup.  Maguffin invites you to harken back to the heady days of 2019, when rough men chased down skinjobs and androids dreamed of electric sheep.

 Our second anti-grav offering, the Farrell is a driver's dream come true!  If it was really a dream...  maybe it was real.  Or maybe it's all a lie...

Saturday, March 4, 2017

6mm Sci-Fi WIP: Vektor Multirole Armored Vehicle

I initially started this thing two or three years ago and just recently stumbled across it in the dusty depths of my hard drive.  The idea is that a belligerent power could use the same base chassis for all their combat vehicle needs, allowing for commonality of parts and reduced training needs for mechanics and technical support crew.

I'm not sure yet if I'll be putting these up on Shapeways, but we'll see.

Base Model:

Armored Gun System:

Mechanized Infantry Combat Vehicle:

Fire Support Team Vehicle (carrying 100mm rapid mortar):

Antitank Guided Missile Carrier:

Air Defense Missile Carrier:

Salvo-Launched Rocket Carrier:

Combat Engineer Vehicle:

Microwave Emitter Carrier:

Self-Propelled Artillery Piece:

Armored Ambulance:

Command and Intelligence Vehicle:

Tracked Cargo Hauler: