Thursday, July 6, 2017

15mm-Scale Warp Core

My boys and I have been re-watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, and while it's my least favorite of the ST serieseses, it did inspire me to add a new piece to my 15mm space corridor offerings:  the warp core.  This is a one-piece print that includes consoles for those engineering staff to be huddled over when they explode or to be hitting the "EJECT CORE" button.

Available here:

Saturday, July 1, 2017

New 3mm Sci-Fi: The Imperious Guard

Back to some Epic-style 3mm sci-fi!

"Bulldog" Battle Tank

"Centaur" Infantry Fighting Vehicle

"Lancer" Tank Destroyer
"Crossbow" Plasma Tank
"Thumper" Siege Tank
"Komodo" Assault Gun
"Badger" Assault Tank
"Inferno" Flame Tank

"Flytrap" Antiaircraft Vehicle
"Bombast" Siege Mortar

"Newt" Scout Vehicle

"Doomstrike" Missile Launcher
Armored Command Vehicle

New 3mm Sci-Fi: Team Scythe Anti-Grav Armor

Taking a break from some of the Epic-themed stuff, I whipped these up:

Main Battle Tank:


Urban Combat Vehicle (obviously inspired by the Russian Army's BMPT Terminator-2)

Guided Missile Carrier (could be used for anti-aircraft or surface-to-surface)

Tactical Ops Center:

Artillery Carrier: