Tuesday, May 3, 2022

15mm Rhinox Family of Armored Vehicles, Part 2

Here are some pics of the wheeled and anti-grav drive types.  I really wanted to make a 6x6 version, but the side doors-slash-sponson mounting points made that impossible.

Finally, there are several options for dozer blades, brush cutters, etc.  Two of the blades have cutouts for the siege cannon and antitank gun, while the third is just a solid blade.

As a final note, the side weapons sponsons (available in heavy machine gun, laser cannon, and flamer options) come in both "straight-ahead" and "canted-outward" varieties.

15mm Rhinox Family of Armored Vehicles, Part 1

It's been a while since I updated the blog;  life has been very busy!  However, I did want to share an update on the 15mm Rhino I had posted a preview of a couple years ago.

This model was on sale at CGTrader.com until recently, when it disappeared without explanation.  While I'm getting that ironed out, I've uploaded it to Minihoarder:  https://www.minihoarder.com/product/15mm-rhinox-fami…armored-vehicles/

The final package includes options to make at least ten different vehicles with three possible drive types each (tracked, wheeled, and anti-grav).  Options include APC, IFV/fire support, antitank, anti-aircraft, flamer, engineer, command and control, MLRS, mortar, siege cannon, and a bunch of different combinations of turrets and sponsons.

Here is a group shot of the components included in the package.

And some of the various vehicle builds that can be made from them.

The Minotaur IFV has multiple turret and sponson options.