Thursday, February 18, 2021

MicroFleet: Triplanetary

The usual disclaimer:  Triplanetary is currently the property of Steve Jackson Games.  The below content is mine alone and doesn't represent any official position, endorsement, etc., by SJG.  Please don't sue me.

Back in 1973, Games Designers' Workshop released an innovative space combat game called Triplanetary, which was designed by Marc Miller of Traveller fame.  After GDW closed its doors, Steve Jackson Games picked up the rights to Triplanetary and re-released it through a 2018 Kickstarter.

Last summer, I got a request from a fan of the game to design miniatures for the game using my MicroFleet bases, which are 1/2" across and could be used on both the original map and the 2018 version.  The fun part of this project is that I had to work from nothing but silhouettes:

For me, this means that I had some freedom to innovate within the bounds of the top-down silhouettes.  Here's what I came up with.

First, a group shot with a US quarter, a British Pound coin, and a Euro penny.

First, the combatants.  You'll note the ball turrets;  the number of turrets corresponds to the ships' Combat Strength, for ease of visual reference.

Next, the auxiliary ships:

And finally, the markers, which includes mines, nukes, torpedoes, and lifeboats:

These will eventually be available for sale (without using the trademarked Triplanetary name) as printable STLs on my MiniHoarder and CGTrader pages.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Just a 15mm sneak peek

I've been busy with a ton of commission work lately, but I've still been plugging away on a few vanity projects here and there.  This is a sneak peek of a 15mm-scale project that's finally moving along.  This will be the base for a number of variants, of course.  The plan is to make it available through both Shapeways and CGTrader.

EDIT:  A few more pics of the base model and a few of the fire-support variant.

Friday, April 10, 2020

6mm Imperious Falcata Superheavy Tank

I actually started on this a couple years ago, and just recently finished it up.  It's now on CGTrader and will eventually be up on Shapeways.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

6mm Imperious Dreadnotmuch

By request, here is a new build that will be available on CGTrader fairly soon.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Some revised 6mm sci-fi goodness

I recently caught some flak from Gouge Workshop for my models on Shapeways.  While I am confident that I'll prevail given the US laws in intellectual property, I figured it couldn't hurt to do some revisions of some of my models anyway.

So without further ado, here are some revised models suitable for Epic or other 6mm games.

To begin, GW has very few symbols that they have trademarked or copyrighted, but one of the best known is the double-headed eagle, or "aquila".  No problem.  I made up my own techno-eagle that I'll be using on my Imperium-inspired models from now on.

Nifty?  Maybe?  Thoughts?  Right.  And now for the actual models.


Two [whatevers] are better than one, right?  In that spirit, here is the new Javelin98-pattern Ziphon-II interceptor, replete with two tails and revised exhaust nozzles.


I dropped the engines down a bit and replaced the single tail with a dual-tail sharing a horizontal stabilizer.  It still comes with the same weapons and landing gear options.


Formerly known as the "Rainclaw", the Talonstorm features a new cockpit, missile pods, T-tail, and winglets.



Formerly known as the "Rainhawk", the Hawkstorm features newer, larger missile pods, a flattened T-tail, and wings with a swept-back trailing edge.

There will be other modifications coming, so stay tuned!