Tuesday, July 31, 2018

3mm Sci-Fi "Imaginot Line" Bunker Complex

Inspired by a discussion on another wargaming forum, I spent a little time making up some Gothic-flavored armored bunkers and accessories.  The bases and attachments are all interchangeable.

Some new 6mm sci-fi

Wow, I can't believe how quickly this year is going.  My dad passed away at the end of March, and it really threw me off kilter.  I have done only minimal sculpting since then, mostly focusing on a paid commission.  However, it's time to start producing toys again, so... here we go.

First, a new 6mm-scale aircraft to provide close air support.  This is obviously inspired by the P-38 Lightning night fighter, but re-imagined in a Warhammer 40K style.

Available on Shapeways here:  http://shpws.me/QzwB

Another new item is my take on the Space Marine superheavy lander, the Stormbird.  I honestly detest the official Forgeworld model, so I made my own interpretation of it.  I give you the Javelin-pattern Birdstorm.

Available on Shapeways here:  http://shpws.me/QwEr