Wednesday, December 5, 2018

3mm Sci-Fi: Team Gladius Refit

When I first started sculpting 3mm minis, it was with an eye towards making my own minis for Steve Jackson's OGRE.  My skills were rudimentary at best, and while I'm no master sculptor, my skills have improved pretty significantly since 2011.

I decided to take a little time to revise some of the minis I haven't shown any love since those days, starting with my wheeled Team Gladius force.  Below are some comparison shots of the old and new sculpts,  I'll soon be replacing the Gladius packs on Shapeways with these ones.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

New 6mm Sci-Fi: "Gull" Scout Fighter

I was looking at some 30-year-old Battletech materials and spotted a very cool "spotter plane", seen here:

Naturally, my first thought was "Yeah, that thing needs the 40K treatment."  Don't judge me -- I'm in treatment.  So I present to you, the "Gull" scout fighter, armed with two heavy bolters and a high-grade sensor package.  Thanks to its long wings, it uses very little fuel and can loiter over the engagement area for hours.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

3mm Sci-Fi "Imaginot Line" Bunker Complex

Inspired by a discussion on another wargaming forum, I spent a little time making up some Gothic-flavored armored bunkers and accessories.  The bases and attachments are all interchangeable.

Some new 6mm sci-fi

Wow, I can't believe how quickly this year is going.  My dad passed away at the end of March, and it really threw me off kilter.  I have done only minimal sculpting since then, mostly focusing on a paid commission.  However, it's time to start producing toys again, so... here we go.

First, a new 6mm-scale aircraft to provide close air support.  This is obviously inspired by the P-38 Lightning night fighter, but re-imagined in a Warhammer 40K style.

Available on Shapeways here:

Another new item is my take on the Space Marine superheavy lander, the Stormbird.  I honestly detest the official Forgeworld model, so I made my own interpretation of it.  I give you the Javelin-pattern Birdstorm.

Available on Shapeways here: