Sunday, August 23, 2015

Anti-Grav Infantry Support Drone (15mm/28mm)

This was one of those "just to see if I can" projects.  I won't be selling it, because 1) it would be bloody expensive to print through Shapeways, and 2) I copied the design from a 2D image on  I suppose I could contact the guy who made the original image and ask him for permission, but it would still be stomach-turningly expensive.

The figures in the pictures are 15mm tall (toes to nose), but the drone would also be useful in 28mm gaming.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

MicroFleet Update: The Do'Minions

The Do'Minion fleet was somewhat challenging because the inspirational material is fairly limited.  Still, I gave it my best shot and I think they turned out okay.

Space Dwarf Prowler AFV (15mm/28mm)

This was actually inspired by the sword carried by Thorin Oakenshield in the new Hobbit films:

I wanted to make something that Space Thorin might be proud to ride into battle, something a little unusual, brutalist, and unapologetically blocky, and something which wasn't just a rehash of what had already been done in Warhammer £40,000.

I could have done a much better job with the fine detail, but the overall shape is pretty decent.  Because of its size, it could serve as a heavy MICV/tank in 15mm or a decent medium AFV in 28mm.  I won't be putting this up for sale because I already gave the design to a minis manufacturer, whether or not they decide to use it.

Antitank Gun:

Twin Autocannons:

Directed Energy Weapon:


The Obligatory Flamer:

 The BFG (my personal favorite):

And finally, a shot of the components:

3mm Modern/Sci-fi Buildings

I've been plugging away at these for a while now.  I keep meaning to print them and send them off to the caster I've been working with on the 3mm sci-fi stuff, but it's going to run me a good $200 or more to do so, so it will have to wait until I have some surplus cash.