Wednesday, April 26, 2017

PRC-13 Dice Roller

A couple Christmases ago, I made this dice roller for my eldest son using mostly off-the-shelf parts from Radio Shack (RIP) and Home Depot, with the only actual military surplus part being the handset.

In the Army, most of our radios started with the prefix PRC, and 13 is my lucky number.  Hence, the PRC-13.

The enclosure is a plastic "job box" from Radio Shack.  The two D-handles are cabinet handles from Home Depot.  The knobs are just random plastic knobs I found at one of those two stores, and the toggle switch was probably from Radio Shack.

The tube for rolling the dice is a corrugated plastic flexi-pipe from Home Depot.  You can buy it by the foot, which was good since I didn't need even that much.  As an added bonus, the ridges in the pipe help make the dice tumble.
And here is where the dice come out.  The backstop to keep the dice from flying off into space is an army surplus H-250/U that I hot-glued to the wooden base.  The cable is held down by a tiny zip tie.

I had planned to cover the base with a DoD military grid map, like this one:

...but I ran out of time.  Still, I think the dice roller turned out pretty well.

Monday, April 17, 2017

6mm Chaos Death Wheel

By request of one of the members of the TacComms forums, I put together this Epic-scale Chaos Death Wheel.  It's a big beastie and will probably be pretty expensive to print, but I'm going to upload it anyway, once I get all the internal geometry cleaned up.  Thanks to the beauty of Sketchup's componentization feature, this thing took less than 24 hours to build.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

6mm Sci-Fi: Legion Custodians Anti-Grav Tanks

I'm not too enamored with some of the vehicles that have come out under the 30K version of Warhammer 40K, but the Legio Custodes tanks were fresh and different enough that I decided to give them a shot in 6mm scale.  I humbly present the Legion Custodians anti-grav tanks.

Claudius Anti-Grav Main Battle Tank

Perses Light Anti-Grav Tank

Corona Anti-Grav APC

I'm going to try Sketchup'ing the jetbikes, too, but those might be trickier because I would also have to model the drivers, and I'm not sure I have the skill to do that.  Still, we'll see.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Blood Bowl!

I've recently become fixated on the newest edition of Blood Bowl, but I really want to field an Undead team.  Sadly, GW has not yet released an Undead team, so I'm forced to adapt a number of existing models to suit.

One of the issues is with modifying a couple of them to be throwers, which is easiest to show by putting a ball in their hands.  Luckily, while lacking any manual dexterity at all, I have my Sketchuping skills!  I quickly whipped up a set of eight spikey Blood Bowl-worthy footballs.  Once they arrive, along with the skeleton minis I ordered from Ebob Miniatures, I'll be able to do some kitbashing and set myself up with a decent team of skellies.

10mm Fantasy Steam Tanks

So I had a request to make a steam tank inspired by the Warhammer Fantasy Battles Empire Steam Tank for 10mm gaming:

I made the initial tank, then a second version with an extended midsection and a "coal saddle", like used to be seen on old steam trains.  The idea is that the gamer can use rock salt or something similar to make their own coal.

Following the creation of the Imperial Steam Tank, I decided to whip up another one in the same scale that was based on Leonardo da Vinci's sketches of a yurt-shaped tank.

Not sure I'll do more 10mm stuff, but it's kind of a nice change to do some fantasy-based stuff rather than my usual modern and sci-fi.