Monday, March 7, 2016

Garage sale, part... whatever means "Five"!

It starts to make sense now, why Anne Heche made up her own space-alien language back when they abducted her brain.  It's easier than remembering things like foreign words for "five".  Anyway, back to the garage sale.

Remember -- US shipping is included!

15mm Sci-Fi

  • 54 Rebel Minis Sahadeen Infantry -- $20  SOLD
These were started and never finished, which about sums up 80% of my projects.  There are 40 riflemen, 4 heavy gunners, 4 antitank rocket launchers, 2 wussy officers with pistols (or maybe heroic medics with pistols), and 4 sniper teams (I found the fourth one after taking the picture).

  • 62 Micropanzer Krystrial Aliens -- $20  SOLD
These are sadly out of print, which really sucks because these are some of the more creative aliens on the market.  This lot includes 18 halberd carriers, 15 double-sword-bearing aliens, 18 riflealiens, 10 cyberhounds, and one overlord guy with a separate head. 

  • 39 Kitbashed Space Soviets -- $20  SOLD
This is a platoon of Flames of War Soviet SMG gunners that I used to test out some ideas.  They've been kitted out with protective face shields (some raised, some lowered), hard-shell rucksacks from my Shapeways store, and pack-mounted heavy weapons from my Shapeways store (3 railguns, 3 antitank missiles).  There are also two drone operators -- one fixed-wing, one rotary-wing -- using a Brigade Models fleet-scale space fighter and a 3mm Picoarmor helicopter.  Oh, and there are two unpainted spares.

  • 30 HOF Automata Infantry -- $15  SOLD

These are the basic infantry shown below.  Mine were intended to be shiny steel things, so they are unpainted but dipped to bring out the shadows and detail.  The only additional thing they were going to get were red dots in the eyes.  Sadly, I never got that far, so these little guys have only dark eyes.  It's probably all the dairy in their diets.

  • 38 Zombiesmith Aphids -- $20

I've loved these little guys since I first saw them on the Zombiesmith website!  Their equipment has a retro feel that could easily put them in a steampunk setting, as well as future sci-fi.  All they really need is flocking and they'll be ready for the table!  This lot includes 22 riphlemen, 6 photon gunners, 6 phloating hover-sleds, and 4 ophicers.  There!  Are we done with the "ph" thing yet??

Stay tuned, for there shall be more forthcoming!

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