Saturday, March 19, 2016

And lo! On the seventh day, didst the Garage Sale continue...

I can't believe what a packrat I am.  I have more stuff than I thought possible.  It's okay, though;  I'm in counseling.  Remember, all prices include shipping within the US!

Board Games

  • Descent: Journeys in the Dark (2nd Edition) -- $40

  • Heroscape:  Rise of the Valkyrie -- $30

This is the basic set, and it doesn't include the box, as I bought it used.  Still, I'm fairly certain all the parts are there.

  • Memoir '44 -- $30

Dice Towers
  • Hirst Arts Gothic Bell Tower - $25  SOLD
I did this one just for the fun of building with Hirst Arts blocks.  The statues in the alcoves are Caesar Miniatures 1/72-scale plastic fantasy minis.  

  • Necron-Style Tall Dark Enigmatic Structure Thingy - $25
This is an MDF kit from Brush4Hire, which you're getting for even less than the original kit (when you factor in the free shipping)!  The only modifications required to make it into a workable dice tower were to leave the roof off and add a bar halfway down that causes the dice to tumble.  

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