Sunday, March 6, 2016

Garage sale, part fourx!

When last we left our intrepid heroes...

As before, all prices include shipping within the US.  If you're elsewhere, drop me a line (javelin98 AT and we can talk.

  • Federation Commander bundle -- $50  SOLD

This lot includes the Klingon Border and Romulan Border boxed sets, the Federation Commander Reference Rulebook, and some of the earlier printings of my own MicroFleet miniatures.  That's $135 worth of FedComm products!

Board Games

  • OGRE Pocket Edition -- $5  SOLD

This is the Kickstarter bonus edition.  It's exactly the same as the version sold in 1977, but this one is brand-new and unopened.

15mm Sci-Fi

  • Wheeled Desert Vehicles -- $30  SOLD

  • Brigade Models CDSU GEVs -- $35  SOLD

These are the older Brigade designs, which, while they scale well with most "true 15" scale models, are on the small side when compared with most current offerings.  This lot includes 7 Xie Fang APCs, 2 Li Peng assault guns, 1 Xie Fang vertical-launched missile carrier, 2 towed antitank guns, and one M84 Kochte tank which the Chinese probably repossessed from the Americans when all our debt came due.  *sigh*

There are also a slew of extra turrets and some stowage.  Bon appétit!  But, seriously, don't eat these.  I assume they're unhealthy.

  • Sci-Fi Dragoon Anti-Grav Sleds -- $25

I'm quite proud of these.  I designed the control columns myself (and they're available on my Shapeways store -- thanks, Shameless Plug Guy!).  The bases are re-purposed Clix dials with a layer of magnetic paper on top.  The beauty of this is that it allows the gamer to put minis based on steel washers on top and they won't fall off!  Then, when it's time for the dragoons to dismount, you just pop them off.  This lot includes 8 individual grav sleds and 4 team-sized grav sleds (which will generally hold four to five minis based on steel washers).

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