Saturday, March 5, 2016

Garage Sale, Part Deux!

All sold!
  • 6 Old Crow Heavy GEV MICVs and MBTs -- $40
There are six vehicles in this lot, primed and painted as in the pics below.  If you know Old Crow Models, you'll know that these are excellent quality castings.  There are two Lancer hover MICVs with antitank guided missile turrets, two Lancers with Vulcan autocannon turrets, and two Sabre main battle tanks.  All turrets are separate from the vehicles, so you can turn them during gameplay, if you choose.

  • 8 BattleMechs -- $16
These are Mechwarrior Clix mechs, 4 Targe and 4 Uziel, which scale pretty well with 15mm minis.  They have had the bases flocked, obviously.

  • 12 DLD Productions Armored Vehicles -- $70
These are great vehicles, which I've been selfishly hoarding for ten years.  This set includes 4 Komodo wheeled APCs with remote machine gun turrets, 2 Bengal tracked main battle tanks, 1 Komodo tactical operations center, 1 custom-made Komodo mortar carrier, 1 custom-made Komodo combat engineer vehicle, 1 custom-made Komodo salvo-missile carrier, and 2 Ealit armed scout cars.  This lot also comes with a pick-and-pluck foam tray from ArmyTransport.

Being a former combat engineer, I couldn't help but replicate the classic "gypsy wagon" look of CEVs everywhere.  This one sports a push blade, excavator boom, augur, ground-penetrating radar for mine clearing, and all sorts of boxes and ammo cans and whatnot.  Here's one of my battalion's vehicles in Korea:

Yes, in case you were wondering, the SLAM missile launcher is the nozzle from a Gillette shaving gel can. I know you were thinking it, so let's just acknowledge it and move on.

More to come!

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