Saturday, March 5, 2016

Garage sale, part trois! Or troix, or whatever. I don't speak French.

  • 6 Old Crow Anti-Grav Vehicles -- $40  SOLD

Here we have 2 Gladius medium grav tanks and 4 Glaive medium APCs.  The flight bases are from GW and are not permanently attached, in case you'd like to do something different.

  • 10 Old Crow Wheeled Vehicles and VTOL -- $60  SOLD
This lot includes 3 Slingshot wheeled AFVs (two with antitank guns (one with a dozer blade (which I made myself and order from Shapeways (no, seriously, I did! (why would I make that up, even?)))) and one with an ATGM turret), 3 Trojan light APCs (with mounted rucksacks from the sadly-defunct Force XXI Miniatures), 2 Goanna scout vehicles, 1 Provider gun-truck (1 of the pintle-mounted MGs in the bed has fallen off but I'll try to find it or a replacement), and 1 Crow VTOL dropship.  The turrets on the Slingshots are all pinned with brass rod, so that they can rotate.  This lot also includes a pick-and-pluck foam tray from ArmyTransport!

Rules and Books

Future War Commander -- $12  SOLD

Alien Squad Leader v1.1 -- $12

There will be much more coming, so stay tuned to this page! 

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