Thursday, September 4, 2014

MicroFleet update: the Webbians

Some time ago, in my quest for affordable alternatives to overpriced Star Trek-ish miniatures, I began building what I called my "MicroTrek" line.  After a cease-and-desist order from CBS, I changed the name to "MicroFleet", which is actually better in any case, since I'm getting requests to make some of these for other fluffiverses (Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, etc.) that aren't Trek-specific.

Following a recent request, I've now uploaded the fifth faction, inspired by the Tholians from the original Star Trek series.  Again to avoid nastygrams from CBS, I've labeled them "the Webbians".

The bases on these are roughly 12.5mm from flat side to flat side, to give you an indicator of how small these are.

Here is Shapeways' default digital render:

MicroFleet Webbian Sampler 3d printed Miniatures Games

And a second render in Frosted Ultra Detail:

MicroFleet Webbian Sampler 3d printed Miniatures Games Frosted Ultra Detail

I'm actually almost done with the next fleet, which I'm calling the AstroGators.  Stay tuned!

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