Sunday, September 14, 2014

6mm DeathBot Soul-Grinder

The latest from my attempts to create proxy vehicles for Epic-scale Necrons, since Greed Workshop has seen fit to entirely euthanize Specialist Games, is the DeathBot Soul-Grinder.  I know the name is rather lame, but I had a hard time finding a decent synonym for "abattoir".

The length of each side of the pyramid is roughly 100mm, so this is a pretty big beast.  Rather than the "Doc Ock"-style tentacles I've seen described in most Epic fan materials, I went with a more robotic approach.  I'd say that this was for reasons of artistic imperative, but in reality, I just couldn't seem to design tentacles that I liked.

Here is what the individual components will look like:

I did contemplate not having the arms all around the base of the pyramid, but rather would have had eight "maws" with arms surrounding each.  It turned out not to look that great in practice, but I still like how the individual maws turned out:

This monstrosity will soon be on my Shapeways store, where I'm sure it will only cost you one kidney!

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