Monday, September 8, 2014

3mm Terrain: Pod Housing

I was listening to an NPR story (this happens quite often) about the oil boom in the Dakotas and the challenges it presents to the local communities in terms of infrastructure.  That led me design self-contained prefab "pod" housing that would essentially be plug-and-play housing units for the oil workers.  Here, in 3mm scale, are some of the results.

The piece on the right would be the individual living quarters.  The middle piece is the "hub", which provides a communal living space with toilet, shower, and food-prep facilities.  The left piece is a hallway designed to connect multiple hub-and-spoke complexes.  The hallway pieces could also be equipped with lounge comforts (TVs, video games, pool tables, a bar, etc.).

Here is some basic conceptual layouts of the living unit and a typical hub unit (walls have been removed for illustrative purposes):

Here are some examples of layouts of multiple units:

Here are some other pod-housing units I experimented with:

Maybe I can get a government grant to make these a reality someday!