Saturday, September 27, 2014

3mm Modern Update -- CV90

By special request from a friend in Germany, here is the latest in my 3mm modern line-up -- the Scandanavian CV90 family of armored vehicles.  If you aren't familiar with the CV90, it's a fairly new-ish lineup of armored vehicles launched in 1993 by BAE Systems and Hägglunds which has since been adopted by other Nordic countries.  It continues to be developed in a wide variety of roles and is able to support all-rubbrt tracks, full-sized tank turrets, and a variety of cutting-edge electronics.

One of the beautiful things about this line is that it should work well in sci-fi/near-future settings as well as for modern/ultramodern gaming.

Depicted below are:

  • Base CV9040 IFV with 40mm Bofors cannon
  • CV90120 light tank with 120mm smoothbore gun
  • Mortar carrier (not sure what type of mortar -- maybe an 81mm)
  • CV9040 anti-aircraft vehicle
  • Armadillo APC (with three remote turrets -- one carrying a .50 cal and the other two carrying grenades or something)
  • AMOS Advanced Mortar System -- this is really cool!  Two 120mm mortars paired in a turret!  The hurting is love!

Here are three more variants:

  • CV9040 with mine plow
  • CV9056 -- this is the base CV90 IFV with the addition of a two-port BILL antitank missile launcher
  • CV90 armored recovery vehicle

This is the CV90105, an export version intended to appeal to the wider world (where 105mm munitions are plentiful):

And finally, the command/electronic warfare variant:

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