Saturday, September 10, 2016

New 15mm Space Corridor System

Introducing the National Cheese Emporium's 15mm Sci-Fi Corridor System!  This set provides the tiles and walls necessary to recreate any scenario from any edition of Space Hulk.  In addition, the 20mm base footprint of all the pieces mean that the walls could be used in conjunction with Litko Aerosystem's laser-cut 15mm corridor system, which I personally own a pile of and can heartily recommend!  You would just need to trim the small tab off the foot of the wall pieces.

This set consists of 2 basic floor tiles, 2 basic walls, 1 interior corner, 1 exterior corner, 4 different styles of doors, 1 staircase, 1 ladder, 1 base tile (mounts either the staircase or ladder pieces), 1 iris portal tile, 1 descending staircase tile, 1 chute tile, 1 breached floor tile, and 2 different "Xeno entry point" tiles.

Obviously, there are not enough pieces here to create anything.  But here's the deal:  a customer purchasing this set has my express permission to make their own molds and cast copies of these pieces to their heart's delight.  They may make as many copies as they like for personal use or even for their gaming club;  all I ask is that they not reproduce them for sale without consulting me first!

I made as much effort as possible to make these moldable using a single-sided mold, much like Hirst Arts molds, but they have detail on the back in case the customer wants to make a two-part mold.  There are as few undercuts as possible, as well.  The trickiest piece will be the interior corner, because I couldn't find a way to make it without there being an angled undercut or making it three pieces.

On the doors, the concept is that the customer would cast the style he or she wants twice, then glue two of them back to back to make them 1) double-sided and 2) make them more stable.  On that point, though, the way the doors sit on the angled walls, they actually can't tip over.

As always, I've limited my markup on each set sold to just $1, so the price you see is entirely dependent on Shapeways' material pricing.  If I could make them cheaper, I would!


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