Thursday, December 11, 2014

3mm Military Cargo Trucks WIP

Having already produced a fair amount of 3mm sci-fi (at current count, 2 tracked, 3 anti-grav, 2 GEV, 1 wheeled, and 1 mechanized factions, plus various air support elements), I figured it was time to give them all something to fight over.  Below are the first attempts at a number of 3mm sci-fi military cargo trucks.  I made the basic body for each and then mated it to wheels, tracks, GEV hoverskirts, and anti-gravity repulsor lifts.  I think they turned out fairly decently, and now I need to decide which I'll go on to make printable and upload to Shapeways.  I'm thinking I'll probably do three or four different packs grouped by mobility types -- a pack of wheeled and half-tracked, a pack of GEV, and a pack of anti-grav.

I'll probably be making a few smaller vehicles for use as field ambulances and whatnot, too.  I'm not sure what else to include, besides maybe a wrecker or recovery vehicle.

So, without further ado...

Body style 1, with bows and canvas bed cover:

Body style 1, with open bed:

Body style 1, with fuel pods:

Body style 2 (armored transport), with CONEX-style shipping container:

Body style 2, with rigid sci-fi-looking container body:

Body style 2, with smooth-sided body:

Body style 3 (haven't yet made GEV skirts or a grav version for this one):

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated!

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  1. I think they are all quite nice, but I prefer body style 1&2 over type 3.
    The type 2 with CONEX container is my favorite of the bunch!