Thursday, December 4, 2014

15mm Sci-Fi Antitank Gun WIP

Giving in once again to my GADD (Gamer's ADD) disorder, I spent a few hours this weekend making up a sci-fi homage to the vaunted German 88mm AA/AT gun (known variously as Flak 41, Pak 18, or "Oh, crap!  It's a --").  I've always loved the predatory look of the 88, especially when mounted on the cruciform mount rather than a wheeled carriage.  To that end, here is a sci-fi version with choice of six different barrels.  I don't know what each of them shoots, but I'm sure it's some combination of particles, kinetics, plasmas, rayses, and quantums.

Components overview:

As you can see above, the parts list consists of the six barrels, the fire-direction radar dish, the main body, the ground mount, and three outrigger legs.  I thought about making the frag shield a separate piece;  might still do that, depending on feedback.

Here is Barrel A:

Here you can see the gunner's control terminal:

Barrel B, because nothing screams "sci-fi" like a ribbed gun tube:

Barrel C;  this is one of my favorites, and was heavily inspired by the deck guns seen during the final attack on the first Death Star:

Barrel D;  meant to be a plasma-gun-looking-thing, I think it turned out to be less than stellar.  For some reason, it just doesn't seem to feel right.

Barrel E:

Barrel F;  another favorite of mine, with its large, Barrett M82-inspired muzzle brake:

I'm still pondering what other barrels or accessories I might whip up for this thing.  Maybe some kind of microwave weapon or something.

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