Tuesday, June 10, 2014

6mm Moon Buggy

This was a bit of a vanity project in response to a post on Theminiaturespage.com.  I've always loved the BBC's short-lived-but-excellent sci-fi crime series, "Star Cops", especially as they tried hard to keep the technology within the realm of today's tech.  No phasers, matter transporters, or reliance on handwavium!  The spartan aesthetic that resulted definitely made it feel like the series could have been happening right now.

The Star Cops moon buggy is a perfect example.  It takes the bare-bones feel of the Apollo lunar rovers and mates it up with the gypsy-wagon feel of so many frontier-bound vehicles, resulting in an intriguing and functional buggy that could easily have just rolled out of the hangar at Cape Canaveral.

Here is a screenshot of the original:

And an amzing model someone built:

(credit to http://www.eagletransporter.com/forum/showthread.php?p=343636)

And here is my 6mm version.  I really wish I could add more in the way of detail, but with the limits on 3D printing, this was about as good as it could get:

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