Wednesday, May 11, 2016

6mm Muskox Sci-Fi MRAP

There are few things that scream "Buckets of Testosterone!!!" like an MRAP.  It's as if a Humvee and a Mack truck had a litter of babies, then made them fight until only the toughest one was left.

Not long ago, Game$ Workshop released an MRAP-style vehicle (the "Taurox") for Warhammer 40k.  It could have been brilliant, but as with much of what comes out of GW these days, it was overly complicated, overly cartoonish, and overly expensive.

However, someone recently PM'ed me about making one in 6mm scale, and I couldn't resist.  And since it's so easy in digital sculpting to make a base unit and then make as many copies as needed, I decided to make as many variants of the Muskox as are found with the IG Chimera, which is itself used as the base for many different vehicles.

In addition to making a tracked variant, there are also half-tracked and wheeled variants.  Armament types include twin heavy bolters, twin laser cannons, antitank gun, flamethrower, quad-gun antiaircraft mount, MLRS system, "DeathSmite" ballistic missile, heavy mortar, and heavy howitzer.

These will eventually be up on Shapeways for sale, of course.

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