Saturday, April 11, 2015

6mm ThunderSquak Heavy Dropship

I've had some requests to make a 6mm Thunderhawk for Epic gamers.  This was kind of low on my list, because there are a fair number of official Thunderhawk models already on the market and, frankly, I really dislike the current Thunderhawk.

But then I ran across this thread on the Work In Progress forum.  I contacted the poster and asked if I could use his very cool scratchbuild as the basis for my own Thunderhawk, which he generously agreed to.  Using that and the design aesthetic of the current generation of Space Marine aircraft, I gave it a shot.

After several days' effort, I present to you, the Javelin-pattern ThunderSquak heavy dropship!  It isn't ready for printing quite yet, but hopefully I'll have it up on Shapeways in day or two.  There will also be a vehicle transporter variant coming in the near future.

 It's a big beast:

 Here is a comparison shot with my Stormturkey dropship:
 A closeup of some detail around the battle cannon:

UPDATE:  Here are a couple of pics of the Transporter variant.  The gantry clamps underneath the hull come as separate pieces, in case the modeler doesn't want to use them.


  1. Wow! I want to thank you again for giving my drawing some life... You have worked hard on doing some improvements on my initial concept and it shows. It has some sweetness that I had not thought about. Good Job!!

    1. I owe you the credit for the inspiration! Thanks again for letting me take your concept and run with it. I hope we'll see your full-size version come to fruition!