Saturday, October 25, 2014

3mm Modern update: Polish PL-01 Stealth Tanks

In-between cleaning up the mess that Shapeways made of my storefront and pushing forward on commissions I'm building, I took the time to make something that might be useful for both modern/near-future and sci-fi gamers.  The Polish Ministerstwo Obrony Narodowej (English:  "Ministry of Stay The Hell Off Our Lawn") has been one of the few European defense ministries actively continuing to develop new and improved weapons systems, which may have something to do with their neighbors to the east, who tend to be... indiscreet.  It's like having those neighbors who are the neighborhood drunkards, but instead of a couple junked-out cars sitting in the front yard, the Russians have thousands of modern tanks.

One of the most recent announcements from the MON is the PL-01 medium tank, which is a testbed for some new warfighting systems, including an active stealth system designed to defeat electronic detection and targeting systems.  The PL-01 is a very cool looking tank, so I was excited to make it available to the 3mm gaming community.

The PL-01 is available on my webstore here:

A couple pics of the real thing:

And a couple of my version:

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