Wednesday, August 20, 2014

15mm Railgun WIP

There is something about railguns.  Just the name alone is so evocative of science-fiction -- railgun.  It's a cool name to say, as it just rolls off the tongue and ends in a satisfying syllable.  Railgun.  Railgun.  Railgun.  "Coilgun" is also very cool, but just doesn't have the panache of "railgun".

Okay.  Enough of that.

Here is a 15mm-scale low-profile turret based loosely on the Stryker gun system but sporting -- you guessed it -- a railgun.  This item comes with two magazine options -- a squarish one and a curvy one.  No reason for the two;  I just felt like making them.

I'm going to offer this to the company that's bought the rights to one of the vehicles I designed.  Here's to hoping that they decide to produce it!

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